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Have You Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance Yet?

air-conditioning-manometer-pressure-refrigerantThe heat of summer is already here in May, with some days climbing into the 90s. Air conditioning systems across the state are already getting to work managing the comfort of homes. Your home is probably one of them.

Now be honest: Did you remember to schedule air conditioning maintenance in April? If you didn’t, don’t worry—you can do it now as well. But don’t hesitate any longer! Your air conditioning system, your budget, and your household will be better off once this essential annual tune-up and inspection is finished.

Call for Professionals

Regular air conditioning maintenance isn’t a DIY job. You can’t follow a printed-up guide from the internet or watch an online video and have any realistic hope of handling the work involved. It’s not only too complicated, but much of it requires special tools that only professionals have access to and know how to use. There are a few basic maintenance tasks you’ll need to handle through the summer on your own, such as changing the air filter every couple months. Otherwise, let the professionals take care of the work.

What You Can Expect from Maintenance

During maintenance, technicians take care of three broad jobs to help your air conditioner work at peak performance:

  • Inspect: The technicians examine the components of the air conditioner, the air handler, and the thermostat to see if there are places where repair work may be needed or there are spots that require special attention.
  • Check: The technicians run a number of checks on the system to grade its performance. These checks include measuring the pressure of the refrigerant, checking amperage draw of the compressor and condenser motors, and testing the airflow. They’ll be able to tell the general health of the system and if anything needs to be fixed or replaced—including replacing the whole system if necessary.
  • Tune-Up: Even if there’s nothing apparently wrong with the AC, the technicians will take care of adjusting and cleaning it to ensure the best possible performance, highest energy efficiency, and fewest potential repair issues. The tune-up includes cleaning coils, tightening electrical connections, and lubricating moving parts.

Once the technicians have finished the full inspection, check, and tune-up, they’ll provide you with any recommendations for repairs or upgrades the system might need for the best performance. With younger ACs, the maintenance work itself is often enough—you’ll be set for another great summer. Older ACs might require some extra work, and the technicians can help you decide if the repairs are a good investment or if it’s time to have an air conditioning replacement.

Schedule Your Maintenance with Our Team

Our maintenance program isn’t only for air conditioning systems. When you sign up for our preventive maintenance agreement, you’ll also invest in a similar service for your home’s heater in the fall. You can trust us to ensure you have the HVAC system you need throughout the year.

Our team handles all home service needs, and that includes great air conditioning service in Durham, NC.

Bud Matthews Services is here for all your home service needs in Durham and the surrounding areas.

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