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It’s Spring: Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

service-reminder-stopwatchMarch is a month of notoriously unpredictable weather. (Just look at the huge blizzard that struck the Northeast only last week!) But the turn toward warmer conditions is underway by the end of the month. Spring officially starts, and people begin to make plans for the hotter weather. This is the time of year we recommend you have preventive maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Getting started with preventive maintenance in Durham, NC is simple: sign up for our HVAC maintenance agreement and you’ll receive two inspections and tune-ups a year—starting with spring maintenance for your home’s air conditioning system.

Why AC Maintenance Is an Essential Service

You might think annual maintenance for your air conditioner sounds like a bit much. Is it important to have this done every year? Or is it more a luxury than a necessity?

AC maintenance is a vital service, and it should be done every year. That’s not only our recommendation: the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program also recommends annual pre-season maintenance for an air conditioner. Below are reasons why these regular yearly tune-ups and inspections are essential.

  • Extended equipment life – A central air conditioner is a large investment for a home. To receive the best return on investment from your central AC, you want it to last for as many years as possible. But without routine maintenance, your AC will wear down rapidly and may not even make it to half its manufacturer’s estimated service life. Maintenance removes extra strain from the system and keeps it running with minimum stress, and this adds up to many years of service.
  • Fewer repairs – No air conditioner is complete repair-proof, but maintenance can bring an AC as close as possible to it! Around 85% of the repairs an air conditioner may require during its life can be prevented thanks to maintenance. That’s why it’s called preventive
  • Higher energy efficiency – Over time, the effects aging on an air conditioner will make it work harder to deliver the same cooling results. This means higher energy bills. But you can keep the AC working close to its peak efficiency for many years thanks to the attention of technicians each spring.
  • Peace of mind in hot weather – Each summer in Durham puts an immense burden on an air conditioner. The work stress can cause a system to break down during one of the hottest days of the year, stranding a home with no cooling until emergency AC repairs can reach them. Having an air conditioning system professionally maintained before summer starts makes this much less likely to occur, and the peace of mind you’ll enjoy during hot weather makes it all worth it.

Our air conditioner experts are always ready with repairs service any time of the day or night. But we don’t want you to suffer from any inconvenience during the summer if we can help it! That’s why we offer an HVAC maintenance agreement. Sign up and we’ll help keep away repair troubles and give your system a long, efficient life.

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