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After the Holidays, Drain Cleaning Is a Great Idea

bubbling-drainThe end of the holiday season is now in sight. Once New Year’s is over, life will start to settle back into regular routines as 2018 begins. You may already have a few New Year’s Resolutions scribbled down and are debating which ones are realistic and which ones are tough yet aspirational. Maybe you’ve haven’t written down any at all.

No matter the case, we’d like to make a humble suggestion for a resolution you can check off the list easily: arrange for professional drain cleaning with our plumbers in January.

Why Is This Important?

Having professional plumbers clean your drains is a good idea in general. We recommend homeowners schedule it once a year. There is no better way to keep the drainpipes in your kitchen, bathrooms, and elsewhere in excellent condition for the rest of the year. You can expect to encounter few clogs and slow drains—in fact, you’ll probably have no drain problems at all after a professional cleaning. You’ll also have trouble with drain odors eliminated, and less chance of soap scum causing damage to the inner lining of the pipes.

But Why Do It in January?

Well… because it’s always a good idea to get a jump on the year!

Actually, there’s a good specific reason to arrange for drain cleaning right after the winter holiday seasons: household drains have just undergone the most amount of strain they’ll deal with the whole year. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, there is plenty of feasting and partying in homes, and guests crowding into the extra bedrooms. All the additional cooking means an immense amount of fats, oils, grease, food particles, and other items washed down the kitchen sink drain, and more use of your shower, tub, and bathroom sink drains. When the holidays are fading, you’ll be facing drains with plenty of build-up, and that can mean clogs coming up in a hurry.

I’ll Just Pour Some Drain Cleaner in There…

Wait, no! That’s not drain cleaning! That’s putting caustic acid down the drains to break a small hole through a clog. Using these drain cleaners may temporarily alieve a stopped up drain, but it doesn’t “clean” the drain. In fact, it can damage it, and the fumes from the cleaners may damage you!

What you need for a post-holiday drain cleaning is the service of licensed plumbers with the finest in state-of-the-art drain cleaning tools. Our plumbers use motorized drain augers and powerful hydro-jetters to provide your home with a thorough drain cleaning. These methods remove all debris and build-up along the walls of the drainpipes, leaving them in a “like new” condition that makes it hard for build-up to start again. Give us an hour or so, and we’ll have your drains scoured clean!

When you need a great plumber in Chapel Hill, NC or nearby for your post-holiday drain cleaning, reach out to us. We offer 24/7 emergency service as well as scheduled plumbing. We’ll help you have an excellent start to the New Year.

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