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Choosing a New Water Heater

The amount of work that any water heater does over the year—and water heaters know no season—is immense and means that, no matter how well a system may be taken care of, it will eventually need a replacement. We’ve previously looked over signs that it’s time to contact our team for a water heater replacement in Durham, NC. Today we’re going to look at the next stage of the process: deciding what type of new water heater to get.

Wait, there’s a choice when it comes to water heaters?

If you’ve lived all your life in homes that use storage tank water heaters, you may think that this is the only type available. But the water heater market is much broader today, and you have a number of different models that you can select. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Storage tank water heater: This is the “standard” when it comes to water heaters, and it’s likely the type that you already have. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the tried-n-true. Storage water heaters are the least costly to initially install and can provide a family with many years of excellent service.
  • Tankless water heater: This type of water heater doesn’t store water, but rather heats up water directly whenever there’s a demand for it from a tap or appliance. This helps tankless water heaters cut down on energy use. They also won’t run out of hot water because they can always heat more. (They can, however, be overwhelmed if too many taps are on at once.)
  • Heat pump water heater: This system is similar to a storage tank water heater, but uses a different source of energy, the heat drawn out of the surrounding air. If you are looking to have an electric water heater installed, a heat pump water heater provides excellent energy savings compared to a conventional electrical resistance heating unit.

To make the best choice when it comes to a new water heater, make sure you contact our professionals. We’ll help you find the ideal new system.

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