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Signs to Call Us for Storage Tank Water Heater Repair

Tuesday, June 28th, 2016

No matter the time of year, one essential appliance you’ll always need running in your home is the water heater. If your house is like most, you use a storage tank water heater to supply your family with the hot water that it needs throughout the day for cooking, cleaning, showering, and bathing. To help ensure that you don’t run into a sudden system breakdown that will leave your household with only cold water, keep a close watch for warning signs from the water heater that something is wrong with it. We’ve listed a few of the more common signs below.

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When Do I Need to Put More Refrigerant into My AC?

Monday, June 27th, 2016

The above is a question that HVAC technicians sometimes hear from homeowners, and it comes from a common misunderstanding about how air conditioners (as well as other refrigeration equipment) works. People are often aware that an AC uses a chemical blend called refrigerant, or Freon (a trademarked name used for many different blends) in order to supply a space with cooling. But refrigerant isn’t something that needs to be “refilled”—unless there’s a serious malfunction with the air conditioning system, and in that case the only person who should put more refrigerant into the AC is a trained professional who’s licensed to handle these chemicals.

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Your AC Can’t Keep Up with the Heat? This Might Be the Reason

Monday, June 20th, 2016

The summer temperatures have arrived, and we can expect to see the outdoor thermometers continue to rise higher into the red as we press on into July. The air conditioning system in your home is probably already getting a good workout from handling the heat and humidity. But is it actually getting the job done that it’s supposed to? If you’ve noticed that the AC is struggling to lower the temperature indoors to the comfort range that you’re accustomed to, there may be a serious problem with the system that will require professional HVAC technicians to remedy.

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The Problem with Pinhole Leaks

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Since 1963, copper piping has replaced galvanized steel and cast iron as the principal metal used for plumbing systems. There are many reasons for making the change over to copper: it’s lightweight, more flexible, and corrosion-resistant.

However, copper pipes can corrode under specific conditions, and they aren’t as invincible from damage as their reputation may make them seem. One problem that copper pipes encounter is a condition called pinhole leaks, and it’s a problem that the copper piping in your home may be suffering from at this very moment.

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How Often You Need to Change the AC’s Air Filter

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Routine maintenance is essential to see that your air conditioning system not only works at its best, but also doesn’t suffer from unnecessary malfunctions and breakdowns that will lead to its early retirement. HVAC technicians will take care of most maintenance tasks (they require experience, skills, and tools only available to professionals), but there’s one task you need to take care of yourself during the rest of the year: regularly changing the AC’s filter.

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