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calendar-scheduling-bookLet’s all say a big “Hello!” to the official first day of spring, which is this week!

For HVAC technicians like us, spring has an important meaning—it’s the season of air conditioning maintenance! This is when we encourage all our customers to arrange for a visit from one of our technicians to put their ACs through the gamut of inspections and tune-ups that will help them perform at peak condition during the coming hotter mid-year weather.

“Wait, is this really necessary every year?”

Yes, it is! We’re not trying to push customers into purchasing a service they don’t need. Not only does every professional HVAC contractor recommend annual spring maintenance for air conditioners, it is also recommended by the US Department of Energy. Annual maintenance is an investment in performance, energy savings, and longevity that quickly pays for itself.

Performance benefits

A central air conditioning system is a complex piece of refrigeration equipment—you might think of it as a refrigerator that sends cooling out into ductwork. In order for an AC to work at its best, it needs routine tune-up services and inspections.

Each year, an air conditioner racks up a great deal of “mileage” on the hot days. This puts stress and strain on the moving components, such as the motors. Unless these parts are maintained, the air conditioner will not be able to do its job as well. The strain will also lead to parts starting to break down, and eventually the entire AC breaking down! You can avoid most repair issues (around 85% the AC might need during its service life) thanks to regular maintenance. Technicians will also catch repair problems early so you can schedule repairs ­before the weather turns hot.

Energy saving

A well-maintained air conditioner is an energy-efficient air conditioner. The accumulation of wear on an AC not only creates performance problems, it wastes power as the system attempts to work through the additional strain. An AC will lose 5% or more of its efficiency rating each year it doesn’t have maintenance, and you’ll end up paying more on your utility bills.


How long do you want your AC to last. “As long as possible” is probably your answer. If you keep up with regular maintenance, you can expect your air conditioner to last for around 15 years. Without maintenance, you may only have a system that lasts for 5 to 8 years. Having to replace an air conditioner many years too early is costly.

Oh, we need to mention the warranty…

The standard central air conditioner comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. If the air conditioner fails due to a factory fault in that time, the warranty will recover replacing the unit. However, most warranties require that the unit be annually maintained or else the warranty is voided. You don’t want to be stuck with a large replacement bill because you didn’t schedule regular maintenance!

Our technicians are skilled at maintaining and repairing air conditioning in Chapel Hill, NC. Speak to us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

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