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Sending the AC Off Right (Repair Anything That’s Wrong)

autumn-backgroundI guess we gave the whole game away in the title! But you aren’t reading our blog for suspense thrillers with big twists at the end—you want to know how best to take care of your HVAC equipment, and we’re here to help. We’ll assist with any HVAC services in Hillsborough, NC you may need, including for your heating system. But right now, we want to concentrate on the air conditioner, which is coming to the end of its season of heavy work. The cool weather is coming, and it’s time to set up the winter vacation plans for the air conditioner.

Why can’t AC repairs wait until next season?

We understand that it doesn’t seem urgent when an air conditioner starts to struggle in October. If it doesn’t fail entirely, why rush to have it fixed if you won’t need it at all in a few weeks? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • You put the AC at a higher risk of more malfunctions if you keep running it when it has a repair need. Any repair issue will place extra stress on the unit, making further problems more likely. The quicker the repair is done, the less chance of it worsening and spreading.
  • Allowing the air conditioner to grind away while it isn’t working at its best may shorten its service life. In fact, it almost certainly will shorten it. A central air conditioner is a big investment for a home, and you don’t want to have to replace it years before its time.
  • The chance the AC will abruptly break down increases—and there may still be a sudden hot day waiting around the corner. Your air conditioner should be ready to go to work at any time.

What might be wrong with the AC at the end of the cooling season

So now you know why it’s wise to always repair your air conditioner at the end of the hot weather season (the cooling season). Let’s take a look at what might go wrong during these final weeks of warmth.

  • Burnt-out motors: The motors that power the fan and compressor have gone through months of tough work, and that might be enough to cause them to burn out. Loss of lubrication or too much dust on the moving parts may lead to overheating. If you hear mechanical grinding or screeching sounds from the AC, it may be a motor about to burn out.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Corrosion may have started on the refrigerant lines over the summer (usually because of chemicals in the air), allowing refrigerant to escape. A drop in refrigerant levels places the entire AC at high risk of complete failure. Any sign of a loss of cooling power might indicate refrigerant leaks, so call right away. Better safe than a dead compressor!
  • Frozen coils: Several troubles may cause the coil to freeze over, but the most likely one at the end of the season is dirt or grime across the coil’s surface. Never ignore ice building up on the coil—it’s not a natural part of the cooling process. It means the cooling process isn’t working right.

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