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Uneven Heating: Why It’s Happening in Your Home

cold-sweater-manWe know the weather is still warm, but it’s already time to consider your home’s central heating—because soon it will be one of the most crucial systems in your house. We strongly advise you have regular maintenance for your heater with our technicians. We make it simple with our HVAC maintenance agreement. Once you have this service completed, your home’s heating system has the best chance of running through the winter without major problems.

However, maintenance cannot stop all problems, particularly for an old heating system. One trouble you may run into is uneven heating around your home. Family members may start to complain about their rooms feeling too cold, while elsewhere you may encounter rooms becoming too stuffy. Why does this happen? There are several possible explanations.

A malfunctioning zone control system

Does your home have zone controls installed that allow you to close off heating to some rooms and not others? This is an excellent upgrade for a house, but it can malfunction and lead to poor heat distribution. The problem could be in the various satellite thermostats around the house sensing incorrect temperatures, or it might be stuck dampers in the ductwork. An HVAC expert can diagnose what’s going on with the zone controls and fix them.

General central thermostat issues

The main thermostat (or only thermostat if you don’t have zone controls) can become miscalibrated, which will cause the heating system to turn on and off at the wrong times. When this happens, you’ll discover either hot or cold spots in the house. The thermostat may also be in a poor position, where it’s picking up “ghost readings” from drafts or direct sunlight. An expert can recalibrate the thermostat or discover what other problems are causing the heater to turn on and off when it shouldn’t.

Clogged air filter

Here’s a problem that is extremely common, but also one that’s easy to avoid and remedy. The air filter for the HVAC system protects the cabinet interior from dust and lint flowing through the return air ducts. The filter gradually becomes clogged with the debris it catches. This can take from 1 to 3 months. Since the AC system uses the same filter, you might start off the heating season with a congested filter—and this will throttle airflow to the rooms and a drop in comfort in some areas. Make sure to change the filter routinely to avoid this.

Duct leaks

Breaks in the ductwork allows heated air to escape before it reaches rooms. This not only creates colder rooms, it raises energy bills and may lower indoor air quality. You can’t seal these leaks yourself with duct tape. The job requires professionals.

Aging heating system

The heater itself may be wearing down to the point it cannot perform its job. When you call for heating repair in Chapel Hill, NC from our professionals, ask them about whether the heater is too old to continue repairing. Our technicians will give you an honest answer and arrange for the services you need for excellent heating in the future.

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