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Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Commercial Plumbing

commercial-plumbing-pipesOur slogan at Bud Matthews Services is “For All Your Home Service Needs.” But did you know we also offer a number of commercial services as well? Our plumbers are qualified to handle commercial commercial plumbing in Durham, NC, and they are definitely the people you want to handle your commercial repair and maintenance services in the area.

Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t aware of the importance of always having licensed professionals take care of their plumbing. They often turn to a building “handyman” to fix up leaky pipes or problems with bathroom plumbing. This may sound like a way to save time and money—but in most cases it will end up costing both.

Reasons to Go with the Pros for Commercial Plumbing

Why is the licensed professional plumber your best option for your commercial plumbing? Here are only a few of the reasons:

  • Keep up to code: We could probably list this reason alone and stop. If your building violates local code regulations, your business will be shut down until the violation is addressed. This is an expensive situation for any company. Licensed plumbers are familiar with local codes so they can ensure the work they do keeps a company compliant.
  • Insurance: A plumber licensed to provide commercial plumbing service must be bonded and insured. This protects you in case of damage done to your property during service or a worker who suffers an injury on the job.
  • Best tools: Commercial plumbing requires special tools to properly service it. These tools are too expensive for an amateur to purchase, so only licensed professionals will have the equipment necessary—and the training to use it—to get the job done right and done on time.
  • Solutions, not patches: A professional plumber isn’t there just to offer a temporary fix-up for a plumbing malfunction, such as stopping a leak. A professional plumber offers long-term solutions to keep the problems from cropping up again. You’ll enjoy greater peace of mind when you know a trained plumber has fixed any problem in your building—because you’ll know it will stay fixed.
  • Emergency assistance: What happens when a plumbing trouble strikes at night, when that “handyman” isn’t around? If you want a plumbing malfunction fixed promptly, no matter when it happens, you’ll have to look to a professional contractor who offers 24-hour emergency service when you need it. (And yes, we have 24/7 emergency service available!)
  • Speed: No, a commercial plumber will never rush a job. But you can count on the professional getting any job done quicker than it would take an amateur. Plus, the job will be done right!
  • Multiple services: A plumber familiar with commercial systems can offer a wide range of different types of services. You won’t need all of them at once, of course, but you’ll be happy to have a plumber with this variety of experience at work on your plumbing: it helps with problem-solving, diagnosis, and planning.

Let our commercial plumbing experts take care of your company! We have more than 30 years of history.

Bud Matthews Services is here in the Durham area for all your service needs.

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