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The Season of the Fireplace—But Does Yours Need Repairs?

Monday, December 11th, 2017

fireplace-holiday-coupleWhen the holiday season at the end of the year arrives, it’s time to put the hearth in a home to good use. Fireplaces rarely serve as the sole heating system for a modern household. They’re mostly there to provide atmosphere and beauty. A great fireplace offers an addition to a home that’s almost impossible to best when it comes to winter cheer. (Yes, you can stream images of a fireplace on your television monitor, but it’s not quite the same, is it?)

However, if you have a fireplace in your home, you should know if it’s in good shape to use before you put in the first crackling fire of the season. Let’s take a look at fireplace repair in Durham, NC and if you need to have it done.

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How Often Should I Schedule Fireplace Cleaning?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Regular fireplace cleaning isn’t simply about making sure that your home’s hearth looks as attractive as possible (although that alone is worth scheduling the service). It’s also an important measure for safety and the efficiency of your fireplace. And you need to make sure that you only schedule it with skilled fireplace experts who know how to do the job and leave your home looking as clean as they found it.

How Often Should I Arrange for Fireplace Cleaning?

If you use your fireplace regularly during any season of the year, such as winter, then the cleaning should be done annually. It doesn’t take long for the burning of logs to leave soot and creosote along the bricks, masonry, and firebox. Creosote is potentially highly dangerous: it’s unburned wood energy, and it’s extremely combustible. If it develops too thickly along the fireplace bricks and mortrar, it can cause a chimney fire and other damage.

But What if I Have a Gas-Burning Fireplace?

You will still need regular cleaning. Natural gas burns cleaning and doesn’t leave creosote deposits. But it can become dirty in the firebox (the place where the gas is combusted) and along its burners. A professional needs to clean both to ensure that the fireplace can ignite correctly and won’t waste energy as it runs.

We’ll Do the Full Fireplace Cleaning Job That You Need

You don’t have to worry about your fireplace when you choose to call us for service. No matter the type of fireplace, we’ll see that it’s clean and your home is kept safe. In addition to fireplace cleaning, we also take care of fireplace inspections and full fireplace restorations to give you back your glorious old hearth for warming up the house.

Talk to our fireplace experts today and see what we can do for your fireplace!

For all your home service needs in Durham, NC, call the professionals at Bud Matthews Services.

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Do I Really Need Professional Fireplace Cleaning?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Homeowners who have a fireplace in one (or more) of the rooms in their house understand the value of a roaring hearth and the luxury that it brings to their lives, especially during the winter season. Although people no longer depend on a fireplace as a sole source of warmth during the cold months, it’s still a pleasant source of comfort and makes for a wonderful family gathering place.

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