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UV Air Purifiers Are a Terrific Choice for Winter Health!

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Winter in Durham can be a lovely season, especially if you don’t mind chilly weather. But it’s also a period when flu and cold germs run rampant, and people miss many days of work, quality time with their families, and the enjoyment of vacations because of illnesses.

There are steps you can take to reduce your chance of coming down with a winter-time sickness by improving your home’s air quality. Attack those harmful germs and viruses moving around your household air with a UV air purifier.

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Install a Humidifier to Prepare for Winter

Monday, October 17th, 2016

Now that we’re fully into the fall and the Halloween decorations are up, we’re also into the season for readying homes for the winter. We’ve previously discussed how important it is to schedule heating maintenance (whether you have a furnace or a heat pump) as part of winter prep. But there are some new installations to consider as well. For example, many homes can benefit tremendously over the winter with a whole-house humidifier. We’ll explain the reasons for this, as well as whether you should have a humidifier installed for your house.

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Putting in a Humidifier for the Coming Cooler Weather

Monday, September 12th, 2016

People right now are starting to make plans for the cooler weather, which means scheduling heating maintenance is a priority. But there are other things you can do for your home to prepare your HVAC system for the coming change in the weather. One of these things is to call indoor air quality professionals and arranging for the installation of a whole-house humidifier.

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Consider Installing a Whole-House Humidifier for Winter

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Comfort during the winter takes more than just making sure that your heating system can provide your household with adequate warm temperatures. You also need to control the humidity. The level of moisture in the air has a significant effect on how comfortable people feel indoors, and consequently how much you’ll need to run the heating system.

Unfortunately, winter is a time when dry air often becomes a major problem. As the temperature drops, moisture is frozen out of the air. Heating systems like furnaces also contribute to making the air drier. The lower the humidity, the faster heat is allowed to escape from the human body. This is the reason that dry conditions make cold temperatures feel even colder than they are.

That’s where a whole-house humidifier comes into play.

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