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Air Filtration Systems in Chapel Hill, NC by Bud Matthews Services

Do your loved ones have severe allergy or asthma symptoms? Are you worried about the effect of specific contaminants in the air to your family’s health? It may be a time to consider a change in the way you think about your home’s air. The air in your home is likely to contain more pollution than the air outside because certain pollutants can continue to circulate in the air until they are physically removed.

The air filter in your air conditioning and heating system may provide some protection against common allergens and irritants, but most filters are somewhat limited by their size and design.

You should add an additional air filtration unit into your HVAC system if you want to keep smaller, more harmful contaminants out of your air.


Air filters are a standard feature found with any forced–air heating and air conditioning system. Air filters were actually designed to stop particles from damaging the inside portion of the air conditioner or heater, not to protect the quality of the air. While some air filters can provide advanced protection against smaller particles that can lead to allergy symptoms or illness, it may take a separate indoor air quality system to do the trick in your home.

If your air filter does not seem to help relieve symptoms in your family members no matter how often you replace it (which should be once a month), it may be time for an upgrade. We carry MERV (minimum efficiency reporting values) rated air filters that have significant filtration capability for microscopic contaminants, like viruses and bacteria.


When you are searching for the best air filtration system for your home, it’s tough to know where to start. We recommend you choose a technician to help you select a new system.

A professional technician can make sure you are not paying too much for a system you don’t actually need. Additionally, an indoor air quality specialist will see that the air filtration system is not too large for your HVAC system. This problem may lead to blocked airflow, which can cause trouble for your heater or air conditioner.


If you are considering a new air filtration system or if you need services for your air filter or air filtration unit, our team can help. Our indoor air quality specialists can help you assess the air in your home and decide on a solution for your indoor air quality troubles. Just call our friendly specialists today to learn more about the brands and models we offer.

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– Gloria C. – Carrboro, NC

“They replaced a number of parts in my old Maytag dryer. It has been very reliable for 26 years and I want to keep it rather than buy a new one. Works great now!”

– Jane S. – Chapel Hill, NC

“Repair people were punctual and cordial. They troubleshot a problem, trying different approaches when the first try didn't work to clear the line. They explained everything they were doing as they did it while we watched. They were very efficient...”

– Diana B. – Efland, NC

“We were very happy with the process and outcome. Noah was very responsive. If he couldn't answer his phone when I called, he quickly returned calls. Everyone was very polite and respectful. They did a great job. Noah made good...”

– Jeffrey H. – Durham, NC

“They fixed my LG Front Load Washing Machine, which was leaking. They also helped me level it properly. They were on time, they provided clear estimates, they were professional, and they clearly explained every step of the process to me...”

– Lindsey S. – Chapel Hill, NC
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